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Alexander Skibitskiy STONE photography and photo art

08 февраля - 08 марта 2017

Opening — 28 December at 18:00
10×15 Gallery

After returning from the Karelian Isthmus, where I spent time among the stones scattered around since the ice age, to a city the first thing I saw, was a man ground down by the weight of days… and the line from a poem by Osip Mandelstam: Who throw stones from a height for us \ And stone denies a yoke of dust. And it became the cornerstone of the current topic.

A modern urban citizen spends most of the time among stone jungles, usually leaves a stone over his dust.

It has began since the ancient times, when people used a stone for covering their last refuge of decay in the earth. But before a prudent man had to build a stone house  in order to rain and wind could not destroy his lifetime refuge. Between the alpha and omega of his existence will be a stone instead of bread, and a stone in his bosom, and even a heart of stone …

How to choose the right cornerstone to build the house of own pray?



Alexander Skibitskiy was born in 1957 in Batumi.

He started studying photography in 1977.

In 1979 he received the second degree diploma in the 3rd regional photo contest for photograph called «Waiting» (Batumi, Georgia).

Since 1980 he has been living and working in Leningrad \ St. Petersburg.

The winner of the photo contest: «Wikipedia loves monuments», «Day of Dostoevsky.»

Member of the photo-monograph «St. Petersburg. Day and night.»

Personal photo exhibition «Frozen Light» at the Dostoevsky Museum.

Personal exhibition of photographs «Boldly Buzzing Fly» gallery «Borey».

Personal slide programs at DC Sverdlov and CC «Svetlana».

Member of 25 group photo exhibitions, including:

«Wikipedia» at «Rachmaninov Garden»

«Focus on Japan» at «Tkachi»,

«St. Petersburg. Day and night», «Age of visible features» Karl Bulla photo studio

«City as habitat» at the St. Petersburg Center of books and grafic art;

«Days of Dostoevsky» at Dostoevsky museum;

«Fotografizmy» and «Cities of the world. Urban history «- Exhibitions in Moscow (Russia TLC, Art photo section);

«Magic People» (Homage to Hieronymus Bosch)

The runner-up of Russia in competition «Metro Photo Challenge 2014»

Member of the art exhibition of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists «Autumn» 2016 «.

His works were published in the newspaper «Change» and «Evening Petersburg». In Moscow magazine «Biblioglobus» . He was a director of  slide programs «Revelation». Member of the group exhibition TEII at the Leningrad Youth Palace.