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Anna Belousova IMPRESS photo

17 – 28 января 2017

Small hall
Opening — 17 January at 18:00

In Russian language the word «impress», after removing the latin prefix «im» is transformed into a noun «press» — «pressure», «compression» and / or «change» and in the professional usage is used as a «vise» or «clamp». With a non-critical difference of interpretation, we can see that the fixation and the pressure remain unchanged, as signs of tactile effects on the subject. At the same time there is a familiar and elusive cognate word «impression». The ongoing controversy surrounding the origin of the Shroud of Turin reflect the semantic conflict: to take any phenomenon and believe, it is important to feel an imprint, a trace of what happened in the material form. I remember the phrase: «I will not believe unless I see it with my own eyes.»
In the project I explore the phenomenon of track of «the light» as the physical phenomenon and a spiritual value in the culture.







The exhibition includes several groups of objects:
— Inverted picture of a lying man, I transfer onto the fabric using analog printing technology, thus creating a pseudo-imprint of a man’s presence.
— After I destroy the result, turning the fabric into separated threads.









2009- 2015 graphic artist (art books), mast. Pakhomova A.A, State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
2014 internship at SaimaaUniversity, Finland
2015-2016 Program «School of the young artist» Fund «Pro Arte»
2016 Program of the Youth Center of the Hermitage «Form and Text»

Selected exhibitions:
2013. The exhibition «Dialogue» in LingFen, China.
2014. Participation in the competition and in the group exhibition «The Muse should work», «Art Muse», St. Petersburg.
2015. «Multifaceted Russia» at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Berlin, Germany.
2016. Exhibition Art-group17 «Daydreamer», factory «Crystal», «Provodka» Playground, Moscow; Gallery apartment «vNORE» Togliatti
2016. The exhibition «IMPRESS» space «Albatross», the Alexei Batusova’s studio, Paris, France; PiraneziLab, CTI Factory, Moscow.
2016. «Bezmeste» special project of V Moscow Youth Biennale «Deep inside», Artplay.
2016. «The form and text» Youth Center of the Hermitage, the Arch of the General Staff, Saint-Petersburg.
2016. «Bezmeste» gallery «Luda», St. Petersburg.
2016. Performance «Interference», factory «Crystal», «Provodka» Playground, Moscow
2016. 4th Biennial of Contemporary Photography in the Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Pe-tersburg.