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This is how we create our exhibition schedule:

We accept exhibition applications from artists and curators on a competitive basis, as there are always more proposals than we are able to host. The ultimate criterion is unavoidably influenced not only by our articulated mission, but also by our subjective judgment.

To submit an application, send an e-mail to borey.info@gmail.com with the words Exhibition Application in the subject line.  The e-mail should include:

    1. Biographical information on the artist or artists.
    2. A description of the exhibition or project, including a working title, if there is one (this can, of course, be worked out later in the course of development).
    3. The works that are to be shown at the exhibition, in electronic format – in JPEG format, not exceeding 300 kb, with consecutively numbered file names. In addition, a Word file containing a list of the works in the order of the numbered file names and, for each work, the name of the work, the media and materials, size, date, etc. We use this information to form an impression of the author, so it is advisable to present as many works as possible.
    4. The history and an explication of the exhibition or project, if available.

This information can also be delivered to us at the Borey Art Center in a physical format (on a disc or flash drive) during working hours (Tuesday through Saturday between 12 noon and 8pm) or sent by e-mail to borey.info@gmail.com.

We will contact you if your application is of interest.

The Borey Art Center is a nonprofit cultuaral organization accepting donations in furtherance of its stated mission, and specifically for the conduct of artistic exhibitions.

Application materials are not returned to senders, nor do we comment upon them.

This is general information on our application procedure.  Other questions, issues or requirements may arise in the course of work.

All the best

Tatyana Ponomarenko

Good luck!